The Helping Hands Outreach organization assist those who are experiencing hardship throughout the greater Bridgeport community. To assist with food, clothing, shelter, bereavement and emotional support and more...


A Brief History

In today’s society people are experiencing dire hardships with the loss of jobs and income. As a result, more people are losing their homes to foreclosures, evictions, repossession of cars, and utility shut-offs. Consequently, they are forced to request assistance from their local government and charitable organizations.

The Helping Hands Outreach (HHO) organization is dedicated to lending support to people who are in need in the greater Bridgeport area. It was founded by April Alston-Barron in December of 2010 as a response to the growing needs of the people in the community. Every Sunday, April and her volunteers provide hot meals to the needy at the John Street highway underpass with an average of 85 people showing up for the food. Recently, there were more than 120 people, both adults and children, who came to take advantage of the service provided. The need is growing and the people are suffering.

In this distressed economy, even working people are having a hard time meeting household expenses. One of the components of Helping Hands Outreach is to lend support to those experiencing difficulty meeting their utility and rental obligations. When the school year begins, HHO delivers school supplies to children in several of the neighborhoods in Bridgeport. During the Christmas season, donated toys are given to more than 300 excited children in the community. Easter baskets and stuffed animals are given to children on the Easter holiday. People in need of shelter and clothing are a significant part of the population that HHO provides a helping hand. A collaboration with the local Isaiah House helps to provide employment opportunities to clients who are transitioning from prison back into the community. In time of bereavement, HHO lends support by providing food for the funeral repast and/or makes a monetary donation.

HHO is passionate about helping out and helping up. With your support we can continue to help stabilize a family as they work through their obstacles.